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Undergraduate Courses

early childhood kids

ECED1010: Intro to Early Childhood Education (Online)

This course serves as an introduction to the early childhood profession including an emphasis on professionalism and developmentally appropriate practice. It will include an overview of history of early education, theoretical program models, different types of early childhood programs, community resources, professional organizations, and contemporary trends and issues in programs for children ages birth to one.

early childhood kids

EDCI3120: Contexts for Teaching & Learning

A course that addresses various contexts for teaching and learning. Contexts for teaching and learning include the demographics of the community, school, and classroom, special features of the school and classroom, diverse learners, and classroom environment. This course surveys and analyzes various contexts for teaching and learning as well as methods for creating a learning environment that encourages positive social interaction, active engagement in learning and self-motivation.

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EDCI4190: Technology in the Schools

A course designed to examine and reflect on the pedagogical usefulness of technology integration for teaching and learning. *It is strongly recommended that students be admitted in the Teacher Education program.

Graduate Courses

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EDCI6180: Microcomputers in Primary & Elementary Schools

This course is designed for teachers and program administrators with little or no experience with microcomputers. This is a hands-on course in operating microcomputers and directing inservice for teachers. This course is specifically designed to address microcomputer education needs of teachers/administrators in PreK - Sixth grade schools. No previous computer experience is required.

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EDCI6190: Microcomputers in Educational Services

Microcomputers and Educational Services is designed for teachers and program administrators in Middle School through Adult Education. Emphasis is placed on developing instructional practices for a knowledge based society, and in the role of the schools in providing accessibility for all learners to the technology. Through a project approach, students in EDCI6190 will engage in the creation of teacher-made learning resources and experience student production using computer applications and Internet resources. No previous computer experience is required.

Teacher Education Office

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Your success in becoming a highly effective teacher is our goal. From your approval as a teacher candidate through your student teaching experience and beyond, we’re here for you.

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The Ready2Teach initiative will produce graduates with strong academic content knowledge aligned with Tennessee high school curriculum standards, strong skills in instruction, assessment, and management, and well-developed skills in meeting the academic and social needs of all students.

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