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Edci4190: Technology in the schools

This three (3) credit hour course should be taken during the second semester of professional education coursework, Pre-Residency II. Students gain an understanding of the program and technology (ISTE) standards as the foundation of good teaching pedagogy; i.e. developing their professsional competencies and using technology to enhance the learning experiences.

Course objectives, outcomes, & Standards

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This course (as a whole) supports three areas of Knowledge, Skills, and Disposition (KSD) performance outcomes. They are:

Maximize Learning
KS 2A5.            Assures that students have ample opportunity to explore, respond, and extend their thinking through technology, as appropriate to the content area.
KS 2B2.            Promotes positive intellectual interactions among students and teacher through instructional experiences that result in student investigation of theories, facts, and opinions related to the content area.
KS 2B3.            Provides opportunities for students to learn and challenge each other through planned, cooperative peer interaction.


KS 6A3.            Uses technology appropriately and effectivelyin planning, investigating, and teaching, and in communication with students, parents, and others.


D 7A2.           Demonstrates competence in development of and application of content-specific pedagogical skills based on Tennessee and specialized professional association (SPA) criteria.


Service Learning

Service Learning Component
Tennesee State University is a avid supportive of service learning and civic engagement. In this course, students will create technology-based activities that will be presented to your professional colleagues at the end of the term. This is will be their opportunity to demonstrate technical knowledge and skills while promoting critical thinking, instructional engagement, and curricular enhancements through effective technology integration.

TSU Center for Service Learning and Civil Engagement



Course TEXTBOOKInstructional Technology and Media for Learning, 10th Edition

University Dates


January, 2018
Spring Semester begins


January, 2018
Last Registration begins (ends on Jan. 19)


March, 2018
Midterms (until Mar. 09)


March, 2018
Spring Break (until Mar. 18)


March, 2018
Last day to withdraw from courses/University


April, 2018
Summer/Fall 2018 Registration begins -- register for Residency I courses


April, 2018
Last Day of Classes


April, 2018
Final Examinations (until May 3)


May, 2018
Undergraduate Commencement Ceremony, 9AM - Hale Stadium


May, 2018
Spring 2018 grades due in MyTSU




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