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ECED1010: Introduction to
Early childhood Education online
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An introduction to early childhood profession, including an emphasis on professionalism and developmentally appropriate practice. This 2-hour course focuses on topics including: an overview of history of early education, theoretical program models, different types of early childhood programs, community resources, professional organizations, and contemporary trends and issues in programs for children ages birth to eight.

Course objectives, outcomes, & Standards

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This course (as a whole) supports three areas of Knowledge, Skills, and Disposition (KSD) performance outcomes. They are:


KS4.            Competently apply theory to create a caring, positive and productive learning environment, facilitated by technology with sensitivity to diversity.
Model Professionalism
KS5.            Demonstrate professional ethics, standards, and responsibilities, including respect for diversity; pursue service and professional growth opportunities, and use technology effectively.
D6.            Habitually communicate effectively in all teaching and learning interactions, cooperate with all constituents, and value the communication of others.
KS7.            Demonstrates competence in development of and application of content-specific pedagogical skills based on Tennessee and specialized professional association (SPA) criteria.




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