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Third Quarter:
Connecting Learning with Web 2.0 Experiences

SPRING BREAK: March 14, 2018

Enjoy Your Break

Session Ten: March 21, 2018 - Enhancing Learning with Audio and Video

1. Opening Commercial
You will create an opening podcast commercial, using Audacity, to introduce your unit to your designated grade level. This should be an engaging 45 secs. - 1 minute recording to build interest. Be clever, clear, concise, and (yes)creative. A gimmick is great, but make sure it is a theme that is age/grade level appropriate.*Remember to REFRAIN from using your name in the recording.

>EXPORT your file to the desktop as a .wav file.

>>Need sound effects? Check out the free snippets available from FreeSound.

Reading Assignment:
Chapter Nine: Enhancing Learning with Text and Visuals

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Session Eleven: March 28, 2018 - Enhancing Learning with Text and Visuals

2. Unit Jeopardy Game
Create a five-category Jeopardy game that will allow you to assess the aims of your unit rationale. Question values should promote higher-order thinking skill, promote academic language/concepts, and have a blend of visuals and text-based statements. *Note: This project should model the endorsed guidelines of text and visuals presented in Chapter Nine. In addition, it should promote literacy and facilitate learning experiences that can expand knowledge and skills.


Reading Assignment:
Chapter Three: Integrating Technology and Media into Instruction: The ASSURE Model

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Session Twelve: April 4, 2018 - Integrating Technology and Media into Instruction: The ASSURE Model

3. ASSURE Lesson Plan
Develop an ASSURE lesson plan that effectively incorporates technology in your academic learning experience. Make sure that you acknowledge the technology & curricula competencies and needs in EACH section

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Session Thirteen: April 11, 2018 - Preparing for Tomorrow's Challenges

A. edTPA mini - clipping video
You will participate in a 5-minute edTPA mini-clipping video teaching a component of your lesson. Using the iMovie guide sheet, you will need to capture the most important 3 minutes of your instruction and save. *Note: You will be repeating this exercise next year during student teaching as part of your performance assessment.

B. edTPA mini - Instruction & Assessment Commentaries
You will complete the edTPA Instruction commentary based on the instructional video clip that you recorded. This IS a research-based assignment so you need to make sure that you are utilizing practitioner terminology gained in the Fall (Pre-Residency I) and this semester (Pre-Residency II).

Make sure you incorporate any background and/or supporting research in your answers---cited appropriately in APA format.


Congratulations! You have completed the tasks for the Third Quarter. Make sure that you have a score for each assignment, so you can assess your course standing for the course.




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