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Fourth Quarter:
Preparing Learners for Tomorrow's Challenges

Session Fourteen: April 18, 2018 - Creating an Integrated Instructional Experience

1. Technology Philosophy Paper
You will submit philosophy paper titled, Philosophy of Technology Integration in K-12 Schools. Your philosophy paper should model academic writing and address three key aspects of the education profession: teaching, learners, and working with others. This document should reflect on your understanding of technology at this stage in the teacher education program. The length of the document should not be less than one-page, but should not exceed a 1.5 pages --- double-spaced.

Session Fifteen and Final: April 25 - May 2, 2018 - Developing a Digital Practitioner

2a. Wix Flash Portfolio
Develop a Wix flash portfolio by signing up for a free account. Select the template that best reflects your professional personality. Your portfolio pages should cover the five (5) ISTE teacher standards:
A. Opening/Home Page*
B. All About Me (brief professional overview of who you are and your credentials), include a link to your resume and philosophy papers (classroom management & technology).
C. Artifact Gallery (including multimedia files, assignments, etc. from course and key assignments from other Pre-Residency classes --- including classroom management handbook, edTPA commentaries, and evidence of professional development)
D. INTASC Alignment Chart
E. ISTE-Teacher Alignment Chart and Reflective Statements

You should have attach your assignments, resources, and other curriculum related materials to showcase your technology competencies this semester.

Make sure your "footer"(at the bottom) states your name, school, month/year of publication. Also, traditional resources and websites should be in APA citation.

2b. Pres-Residency Competency Portfolio Showcase
For your final assessment, you will have seven (7) minutes to present your Wix portfolio and explain how you demonstrated the INTASC and ISTE-Teacher Standards.

Summer Vacation

Congratulations! You have completed all the required tasks for this course. Make sure that you have properly labeled your files, and submitted your assignments by the appropriate deadline. Enjoy your Summer Break!.




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